Making It Work Key Deliverables 2018:

  1. An evidence based Sustainable Service Framework

a. Detailed guidance on conditions for success
b. Detailed description of each essential element required to support sustainable services.


2. Case studies involving 

a. Tailoring of the Framework to each participating community / region 
b. Implementation of the essential elements as a suite of activities 
c. Use of evaluation tools including case study methodology, and analysis of return on investment 
d. Sustainability planning for each community or region


3. Development of knowledge transfer tools 

a. Investment recommendations for international, regional, and municipal governments 
b. Practical tools for administrators


4. Recruitment and Retention Forum 

a. November 2018 
b. Concurrent 1-day conference in each partner country
i. Learning and knowledge transfer, nationally and internationally
ii. Regional planning and dialogue 
iii. International web-based dialogue 


5. Investment Recommendations and Practical Tools for Administrators 

a. January 2019